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Call Center Services

Customer Service

At Transfer Solutions Call Center to undertake the design and implementation of solutions that respond to the approach that you want to have towards your customers. You do not need to apply our existing packages; we are willing to adapt our automated workflows to suit your needs.

Just contact us and allow us, without any obligation, to make an initial assessment of your customer service and how we can help you in this area.
In a few days you will receive a full proposal and pricing from us that will enable you to clearly see the points of improvement though your cooperation with us.


Transfer Solutions is a specialized company which uses new technologies to provide its customers with integrated phone or web secretarial support at low prices compared to having a normal secretary.

Our trained and experienced agents manage your calls both incoming and outgoing as if they were your secretary. We offer correct telesecretary services to freelance professionals (doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects, real estate agents etc) and businesses based in Cyprus.

Telephone Answering

Let our professional yet cheerful secretaries take your calls for you. Your callers always reach a friendly, professional customer experience expert.

Your callers will feel special, and you’ll look good. Transfer Solutions Call Center’s proprietary software enables a high degree of customization. You can select when we answer, who we transfer, which calls go to voicemail, and more.

Order Placements

Do you receive orders over the phone? This is a cheap but effective way to take orders which reduces cost significantly but at the same time prevents errors.

We have as our clients major companies in Cyprus dealing with trade in food and fresh produce, and these companies have entrusted part of order taking to us. We also have restaurants that accept orders for take-away or delivery over the phone. We can receive orders either through your own software application or via ones we have already developed for existing customers.

Consumer Line

We created the Consumer Line to open a channel of communication between customers and businesses.

The consumer line will encourage clients to call at any time if they feel they have something to say or if they want to find out further information.

Our experienced staff can handle a consumer line, where you can inform and record complaints, giving solutions always under your guidance of course.

Do you need partners to support your business?

To offer the perfect phone service, you must have passion and enthusiasm in communication! If you believe that we have these features, we are at your disposal!