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Transfer Solutions is a specialized company which uses new technologies to provide its customers with integrated phone or web secretarial support at low prices compared to having a normal secretary. Our trained and experienced agents manage your calls both incoming and outgoing as if they were your secretary. We offer correct telesecretary services to freelance professionals (doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects, real estate agents etc) and businesses based in Cyprus.

Call Answering | Call Management

Let our professional yet cheerful secretaries take your calls for you. Your callers always reach a friendly, professional customer experience expert. Your callers will feel special, and you’ll look good. Transfer Solutions Call Center’s proprietary software enables a high degree of customization. You can select when we answer, who we transfer, which calls go to voicemail, and more.

Telepromotion | Telesales

Are you struggling to make sales? You simply want to increase sales. We offer telemarketing, data cleansing and lead generation services tailored to your campaign needs. We make outbound calls to promote and sell products | services to a specific list given by the customer. You can easily get in touch with a large number of prospected customers in a very short time and you let them know about your products or services and you can prepare them for closing meetings and a sale in the future.

Consumer Line

We created the Consumer Line to open a channel of communication between customers and businesses. The consumer line will encourage clients to call at any time if they feel they have something to say or if they want to find out further information. Our experienced staff can handle a consumer line, where you can inform and record complaints, giving solutions always under your guidance of course.

Order Placements

Do you receive orders over the phone? This is a cheap but effective way to take orders which reduces cost significantly but at the same time prevents errors. We have as our clients major companies in Cyprus dealing with trade in food and fresh produce, and these companies have entrusted part of order taking to us. We also have restaurants that accept orders for take-away or delivery over the phone. We can receive orders either through your own software application or via ones we have already developed for existing customers.

Appointment Management

Transfer Solutions helps you organize your appointments quickly and easily. You are be able to access your appointments through our technological infrastructure. Our software applications enables you to organize your appointments, depending on the day, week or month . We register your appointments according to department which they belong, their type and who will manage them. We offer many options such as a complete availability of periods and proposed availability of appointments, colour options, automatic reminders etc.

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During the registration each customer receives a unique business number.

Call Forwarding

Simply divert your number to the business number provided during your registration.

Call Handling

One of our professional secretaries will handle your call in the best possible way.

Informing You

At the end of the call you are immediately informed about the full content of the call.




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What our clients say

Thank you warmly Transfer Solutions for your support. What makes them stand out? It is the professionalism, friendliness and love for what they do. As a professional, Transfer Solutions has helped me serve all my clients quickly, easily and efficiently. Thank you for the excellent service and high quality of the services you provide.

Panos Platritis

We thank Transfer Solutions for quality and human phone support! Each phone call ends up being a personal affair. The secret for your success is the human and trained staff. Good luck and your climb is one way!

Andreas Constantinides

Transfer Solutions offers professional services that not only help businesses grow but also show off their professionalism. The high-quality secretarial and telephone support services they provide significantly improve the level of service of their customers to their customers, thus providing a competitive advantage that is crucial to any business.

Adonis Anastasiou

Transfer Solutions took over the appointment management and the call management.  Secretaries are very kind and very helpful. They helped me too much since I could not answer all my calls while I was on external meetings. My customers are excited with them! Thank you very much and I hope we will continue our cooperation for a long time!

Vangelis Panagoulias

Transfer Solutions Call Center covers my secretarial needs with no extra cost. I have the opportunity to be absent from my office in external meetings without being forced to accept all calls on my mobile. We have an excellent cooperation.

Andreas Polyviou

What are the major benefits of Telesecretary?

A professional, organized response on the phone shows your business can meet a caller’s needs and helps to establish your authority in your industry. Telesecretary Services are the cost-effective and efficient solution. If you haven’t considered an auto attendant for your company, there are many call answering service advantages you’ll want to explore. The benefits of call answering services are numerous. For example, with this type of service you can:

  • Always sound professional to customers and clients.
  • Spend more time on what matters.
  • Receive all your messages directly.
  • Make your business sound more established.
  • Completely customize your menu and call answering service.
  • Make your calls more efficient by sending each call to the correct department.
  • Reduce waiting time for callers
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About us

Since 2013 TRANSFER SOLUTIONS CALL CENTER has been providing a telephone answering & call handling services for businesses. Our highly skilled, dedicated teams seamlessly work with your business to ensure that your customers get the level of service they expect. If you receive calls that you do not have the capacity to answer, or you simply want to focus your time on your core business practices, we have the solution for you. We are not just a call answering service but a lifeline for many people and businesses. We provide specialist business call services that our clients have come to rely on for both their reputation and the safety of their employees.

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